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Hidden Gem N°8: El Pueblo De Los Angeles

January 31, 2010

Painted wall of Los AngelesWho said Los Angeles had no History? The city of Angels keeps well hidden from French tourists its oldest section: El Pueblo de Los Angeles. It was, in fact, the center of L.A. before the United States took over California.

You can find there a well-preserved adobe house. Built in 1818, it’s now the oldest residence in Los Angeles. There’s also a church, a street and a few painted walls representing Virgin Mary. On the photo above, you will notice the many flower bouquets lying against the wall. They form a great symbol of the strong worship present in Los Angeles.

Though it is often packed with tourists, El Pueblo de Los Angeles allows you to get a taste of the hispanic heritage of the city. Great mexican food, mariachi singing in spanish and typical architecture make you feel like you are already in Mexico.

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