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Hidden Gem N°10: La Brea Tar Pits

January 24, 2010

Mammoth at La Brea

French people often miss a true hidden gem in Los Angeles : La Brea Tar Pits. They are a geological treasure that you won’t see anywhere else. The Tar Pits consist in oil (black gold!!) seeped up from the ground. They are forming puddles and small lakes in the area.

Often recovered by water they use to attract prehistoric animals who wanted to drink, and then trap them… By this mechanism, the tar pits accumulated full skeletons of animals during thousands of years. Only for archeologists to find them now and create a very interesting museum.

The main interest of the place is that you can see the oil coming out of the ground, it’s very impressive!

The museum also retraces Los Angeles foundation and its links to oil rush.

In my opinion, the tar pits are as extraordinary as Grand Canyon or sequoia at Yosemite Park. Definitely a place to go with children!

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Why French People Hate Los Angeles

January 21, 2010

view of Los AngelesLos Angeles is not a very popular destination among French tourists. Even the ones that visited  the City of Angels are often disappointed. Their complaints? Too much traffic, too hot, nothing historical, lack of things to see. I will admit that it’s not until my third time there that I began to like the city…

So I realised: Wow, I can be French and actually like Los Angeles! I can now understand why thousands of Americans move every month from New York to L.A.!

My new challenge is now to spread the love among the world.  And possibly I will get people to go see the city with their own eyes.

So stay in tune to discover or rediscover the wonders and hidden gems of Los Angeles!

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